Piedra de Adobe Panel-Feature wall panel Design

Piedra de Adobe Panel


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PR-140 Ochre-Feature wall panel Design


PR-142 Two Tone-Feature wall panel Design

Two Tone

Adobe Wall Panel

The use of Stone panels to renovate homes has become a popular choice.The rustic design, of a panel such as Piedra da Adobe Wall Panel combines with your furniture to create a new, contemporary look.

The decorative stone effect wall coverings have a wide variety of stones and colours, ranging from white stone effect, through various shades of grey to black and also brown and beige tones so you can personalize your space.

Another design advantage is the variety of shapes and sizes of ultra-realistic stone effects available: long, thin stones, larger square stones or irregular stones. All you need is a dash of imagination and you can create a stunning design. Whether for a tranquil rustic retreat or a contemporary business or urban environment.

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