1010 Italian White-Feature wall panel Design

Italian White

1011 Aged White-Feature wall panel Design

Aged White

1012 Ochre Decape-Feature wall panel Design

Ochre Decape

1013 Brown Decape-Feature wall panel Design

Brown Decape

1014 Grey Decape-Feature wall panel Design

Grey Decape

1005 Rusty-Feature wall panel Design


Ashford wall panel

If you want to change the appearance of your home dramatically one of the best ways you can do this it is through the decorative panels.

You can now find a variety of panels for decoration as the stone panel Ashford wall panel, one of the most popular because it has a unique and exclusive design.

Its decorative elements can be used in any area of your home to create a stylish, modern deco. These types of panels to decorate walls are made with materials of high strength and durability. This means that not only an aesthetic appearance is obtained without comparison, but also it remains in good condition for many years.

 Not only that, you can find all these decorative panels in a wide range of finishes, which gives you the flexibility to choose just the kind of finish that integrates the most into the deco of your home.

But in fact Ashford wall panels are not exclusive for homes they also can be used in shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and basically anywhere you want to create a sophisticated and modern environment where the walls are the highlight.

Ashford wall panel is part of Our Vintage Collection.

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