1020 Italian White-Feature wall panel Design

Italian White

1021 Aged White-Feature wall panel Design

Aged White

1012 Ochre Decape-Feature wall panel Design

Ochre Decape

1023 Brown Decape-Feature wall panel Design

Brown Decape

1024 Grey Decape-Feature wall panel Design

Grey Decape

1025 Rusty-Feature wall panel Design


This is one of the best panels to decorate walls you can find today which stands out for its design shaped grid pattern and other elements of traditional character that add a lot of style. It is a panel for interior decoration, in which you can appreciate even the smallest detail, plus you can find a wide range of finishes. But not only you can use to decorate the walls of your home, it is also a decorative panel that can be used without problem in the decoration of the office, meeting room, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and virtually anywhere where you want to cause an excellent impression on your visitors. Another thing to note is that these panels for decoration are made of quality materials. Therefore not only it is a visually pleasing decorative panel with a sophisticated design, but also is also a highly durable and resistant panel, even if it is used outdoors because it is optimized to withstand inclement weather without no problem. Whether you want to decorate your living room, rooms, meeting rooms, bathroom or any room in your home, this stone panel is ideal for decorating walls the way you have always wanted to.

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