1050 Italian White-Feature wall panel Design

Italian White

1051 Aged White-Feature wall panel Design

Aged White

1052 Ochre Decape-Feature wall panel Design

Ochre Decape

1053 Brown Decape-Feature wall panel Design

Brown Decape

1054 Grey Decape-Feature wall panel Design

Grey Decape

1055 Rusty-Feature wall panel Design


This is a stone panel to decorate walls, which is known for its sophisticated and modern design, perfect for all rooms at your home, office, even in shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and more. Its decorative elements show every little detail of its handcrafted design which is perfect for those who want to radically change the deco of their home. This stone panel can be found in a wide variety of finishes and colors, which mean you, will certainly find just the kind of finish that needs to be integrated to your home decor. Due to its design features this is a decorative panel that can be used without problems to decorate the walls of your living room, bathroom, living room, rooms, hallways, or even outdoors. All these decorative panels are manufactured using quality materials so not only it is a matter of design and appearance without comparison but they are also decorative panels that resist and last for long. Therefore they are an excellent choice to decorate walls at home.

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