Pinot Panel-Feature wall panel Design

Pinot Wall Panel

Panels made form a red wine barrels.devider

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Each panel of the  Nature Collection is unmistakable and special. Each decorative panel is unique because of the many natural wood colours.

Pinot Wall Panel is ideal for any room of our home, giving it a touch of warmth. The original panel design reminds us of a puzzle.

All these features and properties are gathered in the decorative panel Pinot which belongs to the Stone Panel Nature Collection and will certainly make your home decoration unique and exclusive.

Due to its characteristics, it can be used to decorate any area in your home. It is ideal for the walls of your bathroom, to decorate the walls of a room, living room, library, rooms, kitchen, hallways and generally any area where you want to create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere .

Of course it is also one of the best polyurethane panels to decorate walls of restaurants, hotels, and offices. You can find it in a wide range of finishes and with this very distinctive design that simulates a squares puzzle of different colours.

Definitely a decorative element that adds to your home a special and vibrant environment. Choose our amazing Pinot Wall Panel!

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