Versalles-Feature wall panel Design
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1060 Italian White-Feature wall panel Design

Italian White

1061 Aged White-Versalles-Feature wall panel Design

Aged White

1062 Ochre Decape-Versalles-Feature wall panel Design

Ochre Decape

1063 Brown Decape-Feature wall panel Design

Brown Decape

1064 Grey Decape-Feature wall panel Design

Grey Decape

1065 Rusty-Feature wall panel Design


Versailles panel is one of the best decorative panels that can be used to decorate your home and virtually anywhere you want to create a modern and sophisticated environment. It is a decorative panel by its design features, is ideal for use in the main room, especially on the wall where the headboard of the bed is placed.

It is a unique decoration panel in its kind in which we see different patterns and shapes that are distributed over the entire surface of the panel. Best of all is that you can easily see even the smallest detail handmade, so no doubt you will surprise your guests with a unique and exclusive deco. This panel to decorate walls also stands out because it has been manufactured using high quality materials.

This means that not only it is one of the best decorations for the walls of your home due to its aesthetic characteristics, but it is also a highly resistant and durable panel that can even be used outdoors. As for areas where you can use the options are unlimited, so you can place it either in the living room, lounge, rooms or even it can also be used in local and commercial establishments.

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